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Calling all TV Virgins ;)

It's seemingly increasingly common for brand's that have been born in the digital age to approach us with similar queries "how do I further expand my reach? We feel we have maximised our digital reach - but we don't understand how to incorporate more mainstream marketing activities into our strategy" Having worked across challenger as well as mainstream brands, I’ve found that challenger brand marketers whose bread and butter is digital advertising can struggle with the groun

Why Mark Ritson is right...for the wrong reasons As the Better Briefs Project will reveal this week, 90% of marketers fail to brief agencies effectively, and their failures begin with a total lack of strategy. An interesting new piece of insight from the better briefs project was released yesterday, which was quite thought provoking. Mark Ritson interpreted the results, and whilst I would concur that the briefing process can and should be improved (From both sides),

A new world for Marketers post covid

What sort of world awaits Marketers as consumers return to a new norm? As consumers start to re-establish some of their pre-Covid behaviours, it's interesting to predict some of the changes that are here to stay. The resurgence of challenger / smaller brands. It's a well known observable fact that during times of duress - the market leading brands dominate. What drives that behaviour? Consumers look to the most trusted brands - they only have a short period to shop, and shops

The Agency Iceberg!

Find out what a typical agency focuses on in a pitch, and what we think actually makes the difference !

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