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A Selection of Brands we've transformed


Pilgrims Choice is a great brand with masses of potential, but was in need of a general overhaul. 

We set about creating a challenger positioning for the brand that celebrated the brands core strength of flavour - 'live a life full of flavour' was the positioning that was borne out a strategic review of the brands positioning. As well as the following elements of the Marketing mix 

  • New Packaging design and visual identity

  • New comms approach including TV / Digital and social media 

  • Disruptive in-store / POS / and shopper activity

Pilgrims Choice logo2.jpg
KG logo2.jpg


Kerrygold is a worldwide mega brand - valued at £2bn, and is the biggest butter brand in Germany and largest imported brand in the US

Marketing had previously been at a local market level. The objective was to deliver a Global brand campaign that would not only bring synergy to the creative approach, but also drive emotional engagement with the brand. The following were delivered as part of the campaign 
·    New emotionally engaging TV / Press / Digital / social assets
·    Brand creative guidelines (clarity of creative approach 

Whilst you might not be looking at a global approach, if you are looking at how to refine


Our first client, and one we still fondly recall.

The brief was simple - the small family business had performed really well over its 20 year history, but had never had a strong 'brand feel', and hadn't embraced digital marketing. So we set about delivering the following 

·    New design identity to bring more premium and modern cues 

·    An approach to digital / social media that could be employed by a small number of staff. 

·    New POS creative and banners and item tags 

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