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A new world for Marketers post covid

What sort of world awaits Marketers as consumers return to a new norm?

As consumers start to re-establish some of their pre-Covid behaviours, it's interesting to predict some of the changes that are here to stay.

  1. The resurgence of challenger / smaller brands. It's a well known observable fact that during times of duress - the market leading brands dominate. What drives that behaviour? Consumers look to the most trusted brands - they only have a short period to shop, and shops are less frequent, so the market leader confers trust and is a 'safe' and trusted option.

  2. Digital is here to stay. Okay there's no major surprise there - but the significance with which Marketers will focus on this Channel in the future will never be the same again. The % of sales that went through online during the pandemic reached 23%, It has fallen back since then, but what felt like a tertiary channel to consider, now should command a level of focus and spend that reflects it's exalted position in consumers eyes. For Marketers with brands in the Grocery sector this brings a whole range of new considerations - perhaps most importantly how does their existing digital comms campaign now link into and drive purchase - something that previously was only of concern for DTC marketers

We have 10 key considerations for Marketers approaching a post COVID world, If you would like to see the full list please mail us at

For agencies - these considerations are incredibly important to consider within your recommendations to clients.

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