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What language are you speaking?

Having worked client side, agency side, and with SPECS in-between I've been, surprised and somewhat amazed how different the language is between them when the goal, and output is supposedly the same.

Humans are programmed at a neurological level to look for similarity as a means to ensure survival - are you friend or foe? You can sense it in everyday life too - ever noticed how you suddenly warm, and conversation becomes easier when whoever you are talking to references that coffee machine / car / clothes brand you are intimately familiar with. Because neurologically we identify them as friend.

The same is exactly true when in the business environment. Referencing the terms that a client is familiar with, and are part of their lexicon instantly builds rapport - and makes them feel that you understand their challenges.

Referencing the challenges of driving NSV in a particular market, the importance of driving ROS to achieve Gondola end feature are likely to be alien in a purely creative conversation - but referencing them can add a level of substance and context that is often missing from agencies repertoire.

Of course you need the understanding, and lens to be able to augment your agency offering with this type of context and language. That's where we come in!

So if every you wonder if your client is speaking the same language as you - get in touch and we can help make sure you are armed with the correct dictionary and context.

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