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3 Creative Brand Development Top Tips

Adapt or die, as the old adage goes - and this is something that businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes, across all industries, have had to really take to heart over the last two years or so, as a result of the pandemic.

The evolution of business models and operations became a necessity in order to keep head above water during what has been a particularly turbulent time and we’ve certainly seen some very interesting moves from brands in order to keep customers engaged during lockdown and enforced closures of bricks and mortar stores.

But just because the pandemic has slowed and there’s an end in sight, this doesn’t mean that creative brand development should grind to a halt. In fact, now’s the perfect opportunity to see where else you can take your brand, with a new year just on the horizon. Who knows what 2022 could hold?

If you’re wondering where to begin, have a read of some of our top tips to help you level up, keep customers engaged and excited, and deliver serious brand resilience in the future. Enjoy!

Think experientially

These days, consumers are looking for a lot more from the brands they choose to shop with and it’s all about experiential marketing… giving them something extra.

In-store experiences that really resonate with people will help bring them through the doors, so think about how you could extend your brand and offer them something special and authentic that encourages participation to help build up a truly loyal following.

Be consistent

You don’t want to confuse your customers about what it is you do, what you stand for and who you really are as a brand - and consistency of messaging is absolutely key in this regard. Find your brand tone of voice and stick to it, whether that’s in person, on your website or on your social media channels.

Tell your story

An About Us page on your website is all very well and good, but does it go far enough? Going in depth about the story of your brand can help you win customers and make you seem authentic, genuine and real.

And don’t be afraid of telling all about the bad, as well as the good… sharing the challenges you’ve faced as a brand will only serve to make you seem even more authentic in the eyes of your customers.

Of course, these are just a few little hints and tips to help you give your brand a boost. If you’d like any further help or advice, get in touch with the Specs team today to see what magic we can weave together! Our insights and skills combine to transform your brand processes and strategies, so give us a call today.

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